Join us for our first ever Ladies Working Dog Group Summit!


March 15th 2020 will see the LWDG hold its first ever national summit event, bringing together ladies and organisations from around the UK to celebrate the LWDG 1 year anniversary


Come together with members to hear about’s whats wonderful in the world of working dogs. Throughout the day there will be guest speakers from all areas of the working dog community. 

Also,  we will be celebrating the success stories of incredible working dogs, lady handlers, female trainers, and deciding who should be the best ladies clothing brand. Watch as these four groups battle to win awards for the very first time as we recognise and celebrate their achievements. 

The Ladies Working Dog Group Awards 2020

At our first summit LWDG will be recognising the following four categories

  • Best Working Dog
  • Best Lady Handler
  • Best Lady Trainer
  • Best Ladies Clothing Brand
  • Best Young Lady Trainer

The first step is the nomination process; simply tell us who’d you pick as your winners using the form that will be available from January 2020.

 The dogs, ladies, and organisations with the most nominations will form the shortlists and go to a public vote, with winners announced at the Ladies Working Dog Group Summit 2020 in March. 


Tickets will be going on sale shortly.

LWDG Summit 2020 promises to be a sell-out event so make sure you buy your ticket as soon as they are released – Early Bird tickets open to all free and full female members.

Early Bird Ticket Holders will receive a gift of a  LWDG Summit 2020 Headband, and will gain VIP access to the event…


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