Why do we want to Collaborate?
The Ladies Working Dog Group believes collaboration with others brings us all new opportunities and adventures. Since Day 1 we have been committed to bringing great working dog related businesses to our members attention.

Benefits Of Collaborating
We are expecting by the end of the year the audience of the Ladies Working Dog Group across our membership, social media platforms and email list will exceed 15,000. We are currently over 10,000. Naturally, during the collaboration we will be heavily promoting you to the entire LWDG network. We could promote you in a month that aligns with something you want to promote, or just give you an additional promotional boost. If you work or train in the dog world, we want to hear from you! There are a few different ways we can work with you:

Collaboration Opportunity -Masterclass Training's
Each month we co-create a masterclass training for our members. These MASTERCLASSES are what our members love, and we love introducing new experts to our community. You’re all experts even if you might not feel you are. We are always looking towards our future masterclasses and looking for people like you who can help us to provide our members with useful and valuable content that can help them learn. Part of our mission is to advise and encourage female working dog owners . If your mission aligns with our own, we would love to chat to you about the possible ways we can do this together. If you are interested working with us to co-create a masterclass training please fill out the contact form below and Jo will be in touch to chat to you further.

Work With Us On Guest Blog Posts
Each week we publish a BLOG POST that our members, and the larger working dog community will enjoy reading. You don’t need to be a journalist to have us to use your post. Simply fill out the form by clicking the button below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Collaborate on Competition and Offers
The Ladies Working Dog Group members love a great competition! They also like an amazing offer too! We have run successful collaboration competitions with well known brands, and our member perk page has exclusive offers from organisations large and small. If you have a potential competition you would like to run with us simply fill out the form by clicking the button below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Ambassador and Affiliation Programs
We have an ambassador programme for ladies whose mission in their working dog life aligns with ours. We will enrolment to this again soon and we will be looking for ladies who already positively promote females in field sports, and those that are always positive and happy about helping others who maybe lack confidence. You do not have to be a trainer or have a dog related business, but you do need to be passionate about working dogs and be actively training your own dog... If this sounds like you please keep checking this page for more information and the link to the application form.

Our Partners Include:

The LWDG has been such an amazing group to be part of, not only is it full of amazing and supportive members, it is a blessing to be surrounded by positivity and no judgment. Jo's ideas and innovation are such an inspiration for everyone and what the group has become is just amazing. It is important that we can all learn from one another, no matter what background we are from. From a business perspective, the LWDG has given me the opportunity to be part of the Masterclass Programme and it has been great fun working alongside other amazing trainers to create lots of amazing content for the group members, a great way for us to reach out and help people who might not be able to attend or afford regular classes. I can highly recommend the group to ladies who work their dogs, whether they are just at the start of their journey or seasoned handlers, there is always something to be learned from the years of experience that the group can offer.

Emma Stevens Cunningshot Dog Training

I joined Jo very early on with LWDG and I can honestly say this business has changed my life and many others. I have gained knowledge, experience, clients for my own company, and more importantly an incredible group of friends which in the industry we are in is an incredible step forward in the right direction to have women supporting women and strong independent businesswomen being united through one company. In the time I have spent as a featured expert for LWDG I have seen the business grow from a few members to thousands of members across the country. Jo has united business, women, and dog handlers into this one huge family and manages it every day with her team to create a safe platform for women to learn, grow and ask questions. The business is one I am proud to have my name and my own business in connection with.

Will Hetherington Editor

At Gundog Journal we have worked closely with Jo and the Ladies Working Dog Group for more than a year. Having discussed some kind of collaboration we settled on the idea of Jo interviewing a different gundog trainer for each issue about the times when training has gone wrong. The point being to demonstrate to LWDG members and Gundog Journal readers that even the best trainers have bad days and the important thing is how we react to these difficult moments. It’s been a very successful venture from the start and has helped all dog owners who read the articles understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan but that’s not necessarily a long-term disaster. Jo has been full of ideas and great to work with and we have been delighted with the series at Gundog Journal.

Amelia Oliver Social Media & PR Executive

Skinner’s are proud to have strong connections with the Ladies Working Dog Group. They have such a passion and enthusiasm for creating a community where female working dog handlers can thrive. They are so inclusive and work hard to disprove the stigma that you must come from a shooting background to be part of the gundog world. Many of Skinner’s customers are part of Ladies Working Dog Group, which we have found to be of real benefit due to their strong presence on social media; we have gained new followers and customers. In recent times, there has been a bit of negativity towards the shooting and gundog world, however, Ladies Working Dog Group has brought such positivity and shown the importance of positive dog training.