Brown Chocolate Labrador
Emma Stevens

Emma Stevens

Featured Expert, Cunningshot Dog Training

Join Featured Expert Emma Stevens of Cunningshot Dog Training for a great introduction video on on wind patterns and direction. This video covers what you need to take into account when training working dogs.

Emma discusses the different kinds of wind and also how these wind directions will affect the wind pattern of your dog. 

This video builds from the a live group conversation on wind directions and patterns in our virtual fortnightly Zoom and Facebook Group  Society Members Lounge of Ladies Working Dog Group.

In the ‘Dog and Duck’ ,  Society members get together to discuss the wins and challenges they are facing with their working dogs, and as a mastermind group we help handlers come up with possible ideas to move their training and dog forward. 

All Society Members are welcome and you can become a member here. 

Below are photographs of the sheets Emma uses in this video for you to download. 

Wind Sheet LWDG
Wind Retrieve Sheet Emma Stevens

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