When I first started to train my working dog I was rubbish. There, I said it. I was a motivated idiot, all excited but no clue what I was doing. Most sessions ended in disaster with me upset and my dog confused. 

There used to be a moment in training that felt like an eternity to me every time. It was when I gave a command. I’d wait….and pray….that my dog would listen. Sometimes she would, and I’d breathe a sigh of relief, and other times she wouldn’t, and I would feel like the biggest loser. 

I’d take it personally, that she didn’t like me,  or that I was a crap trainer, and I’d be so upset. I’d shout out another command trying to correct the problem but the chaos would just continue. It would get so bad that many times I have thought about giving up.


My Dad with two young Springer spaniel bitches

Then one day I realised something huge was missing from my dog training - CONFIDENCE!

Training with Dad

I was watching Dad with his dogs and he was doing an awesome job as always. It hit me that he just expected the dog to listen. He was confident that once he gave the command, his dog would obey. Even when training a pup that still had lots to learn he would still be calm, he’d give the command, and then it would go to plan. Even if it didn’t, he’d just correct the dog and go through it again. 

I, on the other hand would be convinced that it was all going to go wrong even before the poor dog had moved. Instead of being calm and assertive, my voice would be all over the place. My emotions would affect my command delivery,  and then my dog didn’t listen because she was either confused by me,or would take advantage of the fact I had no belief in myself.  I lacked confidence in my ability and this was coming across in my behaviour. 

I thought about school, remember when you had a nervous supply teacher. They would be all sweaty and mumble. Within a few minutes they would have lost control of the class, not because they couldn’t teach, but because their lack of confidence meant we never gave them a chance to. 

Once I realised this, I decided going forward I would need to always start with the expectation my dog would listen and have confidence in myself.

So here’s a few ways you can build your confidence :  
Be Confident Your Dog Will Listen - Summary

We have been able to read dogs for thousands of years, and they can do the same with us. Go into each session with confidence that you can both learn to communicate with each other. Enjoy the journey, and if your ever feeling stuck head over to the Members Club – LWDG where we are all there to help you. Don’t forget you are amazing and you can do this. 

Question of The Week:

Have you recognised you have a lack of confidence that’s affecting your dog training?

Share in the comments section below. I would love to know!

Hope you enjoyed this training on being more confident.🙂

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