Starting MONDAY 25th April 

Time to Take The LWDG Brand Ambassadorship  to the Next Level!

Please Follow the Next Steps

Let's Check Your Email

We are sending all Brand Ambassadors a Code Of Conduct Agreement Form to sign. This states all the new changes and its really important we have a signed copy to continue your ambassadorship. USING THE FORM BELOW please send us your name and email so we can send your code of agreement straight to you. This form sets out in more detail how we are going to take care of you and our community. 

One Level , One Telegram

The new look ambassadorship has no levels. Everyone will have one Telegram Channel where announce giveaways and gifts, and one telegram group where you can chat about anything dog, or ambassador related. Please make sure you are in the main Brand Ambassador Channel and that notifications are always on if you want to make sure not to miss a challenge, and that you are in the main group with notifications on or off depending on your choice of how many times you want you want to be notified of other ambassador comments. 

One Monthly Catch-Up Call

Starting in May we will have a monthly catch up call, this is a fun call where we discuss the challenges that we have completed that month and announce the winners. This will be a chance to celebrate the success of the activities we have been up to. This call will be recorded and added to your LWDG Brand Ambassador pages.

One Community, Have Fun

The LWDG is one big community so hang out everywhere, in the Facebook Groups, in Telegram, on Instagram. Keep doing what you do so well, inspire others to get up and get out with their dogs. We want you to keep on promoting PROGRESS , so regardless of where you are in your dog training show us what action your taking. Keep using the #lwdglife tag, and also use #workonwhatmatters


Its so great to step forward into spring with a new style Brand Ambassador Programme ! 

The Brand Ambassador programme is still very new for the LWDG but its already been a brilliant success. We cannot thank you enough for your input and energy over the last few months. 

There has been without doubt some hurdles to overcome , but these have taught us so much about how we can best serve our Ambassadors as we step forward. These new pages, the new promotions, the new plans are so exciting and its going to be great to see a more supportive and successful Brand Ambassadorship! 

Charlotte Perrott , Communications Manager