Our members can purchase any paid Membership or Bundle on our site as a gift. The only requirement is that the purchaser must be a member of our site in order to purchase a gift voucher.

It is not required that the member purchase the paid Membership or Bundle for themselves. Non-members can purchase gifts by first signing up for a free visitor pass. Please contact us for more details.

How a Gift is Purchased

When a member wants to purchase a gift, you just need to login to our site and to visit the checkout page for the Membership or Bundle you would like to purchase.

Once here, you will see a checkbox that asks if you are purchasing this as a gift. You must click this before purchase to give as a gift :

Once you have marked the checkbox, the member purchasing the gift will continue with checkout as normal. After payment is complete, you will be directed to the Confirmation page. Here you will see confirmation that the gift was purchased, and a link that can be used to send the gift. A member will also be able to view any gifts they have purchased on your  My Account page:

How a Gift Is Redeemed and Managed

 There are two ways that a Member who purchases a gift can access the gift link to be used to redeem a gift. The first is the link delivered on the Confirmation page immediately following the gift purchase, as described above. The second is via the Member's My Account page. At the bottom of the My Account page, a member will see a list of all the gifts they have purchased. 

If you purchase a product with monthly subscription please note ongoing payments for gift subscriptions are handled by the purchaser. The recipient claims the product access for their account, but isn't responsible for payment. So if a member needs to cancel a gift membership, or update billing information, it can be done from this area. Note that billing for gift subscriptions begins at the time of purchase, rather than gift redemption.

To redeem a gift the receiver visits our REDEEM A GIFT page. Here they enter the code you have given them and can use this code to claim their gift and enter their details. 

Great LWDG Gift Ideas

Hot Mess Handler Course - one off payment with lifetime access

Magic Month Planner - Delivered within 7-14 days

Society Annual Membership - Yearly Subscription