Intermediate Level Introduction

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Intermediate Level Introduction


***Please scroll to the bottom of this page for the Intermediate Level Checklist***

The criteria you will need to demonstrate include all of the following: walking to heel off lead, steadiness, marked retrieve, memory retrieve, directional control, a short blind retrieve, hunting, and retrieving with natural barriers

Please watch each of the following 8 criteria steps and follow the rules for each assessed activity. Below is a checklist for you to download whilst training and before submission to ensure you have covered all criteria. 

All your videos must be uploaded as a single Facebook Post to the LWDG Working Dog Certificate Intermediate Level Group accessed here. You can upload the 8 assessment criteria as 1 video, or 8 videos in 1 post. 

Once you have posted you MUST complete the Ready For Assessment Form so we know you would like us to assess you. There is no Fail, only Pass or Please Try Again. 

Each assessment is for 1 handler and 1 dog only. The certificate is issued in your name and the name of the dog as given on your Ready For Assessment Form. 

You will be assessed on each of the 8 criteria and you must pass all 8 in order to receive certification. A Please Try Again in any of the 8 criteria means you will not receive a pass.

PLEASE Read all of the Rules below. These rules must be adhered to. 

Good Luck!

Please note : Entry Open Only 7th -13th of each month. The button to enter will only work between these dates.

Overview Of Entry Process and Trouble Shooting ( 5 minute video) 

Intermediate Level Checklist

Intermediate Level Assessment Checklist

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