IMPORTANT : Rules For Intermediate Level Assesment

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About IMPORTANT : Rules For Intermediate Level Assesment
  1.  Entry fee is £20.00 per Certificate per attempt.
  2. You have 14 days from in which to enter. Entry must be done by both the Facebook Post AND the completion of Ready For Assessment Form.
  3. After 14 days your access will cease and you will need to re-enter to try again. You may remain within the Facebook group for this level indefinitely however you cannot enter until you can access the Ready For Assessment Form.
  4. The Intermediate Certificate is for any age dog that has completed the LWDG Novice Level Certificate
  5. The Novice Certificate is for any age dog.
  6. We will accept 20 entries per month, per level (first come first served)
  7. All entries will be marked as either 'Pass' or 'Please Try Again'
  8. The judges decision is final.
  9.  Each assessment is for 1 handler and 1 dog only. The certificate is issued in your name and the name of the dog as given on your Ready For Assessment Form.
  10. Where there are two retrieves involved each retrieve will be marked independently
  11. Dogs only to be sent once dummy has landed (the only exception to this is the informal retrieve in the Foundation certificate)
  12. Steadiness (dog not running in/being sent on the voice) and delivery to hand are essential to pass.
  13. Picking the correct dummy where there are multiple retrieves is essential to pass.
  14. We have purposely put the demonstration videos together without using a helper (dummy thrower or videographer) so that anyone can enter even if they do not have a helper. In the demonstration video we are using a phone tripod and filming on a phone. Please ensure the videos are filmed in landscape mode.
  15. Please try ensure we can see the dog at all times during the video. If you do not have a helper and the dog goes out of shot for a second or two this is acceptable but we must see the dog being sent, and the delivery of the dummy. If the dog goes out out view for more than a couple of seconds we cannot accept the entry.
  16. If you have a dummy thrower videoing try to keep dog and handler in view at all times.
  17. Shot is not required for the Foundation, Novice or Intermediate certificates.
  18. You may not pass the certificate if any of the elements are not completed.
  19. Being an online entry we are trusting that you will enter with your first attempts at completing each element. In a real test you only get one chance at doing the test. The elements do not have to all be filmed on the same day, but should be your first attempt and must all be uploaded together as one video, or as one post with multiple videos.
  20. Please upload your videos in order to the private Facebook group we have set up and upload all videos in one post. We will not accept entries with individual video uploads/posts
  21. You may only attempt one certificate per month.
  22. Both KC and NON KC dogs are eligible to enter the LWDG certificates.
  23. Entry deadline is between the 7th and 14th of each month. These are the only times you will be able to purchase entry to a Certificate Level. We will close entries as soon as we reach 20 entries per Certificate level.
  24. We will publish the months results between the 1st and the 7th of the following month via the Facebook Group.
  25. Certificates and badges will be sent out after we have published each months results. 
  26. Certification rules for any level may be updated at any time so please ensure you check before entering. 
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Intermediate level assessment criteria and additional rules

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