Step 2 – Social Distancing & Socialisation

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Step 2 – Social Distancing & Socialisation

Training your dog during this uncertain time...

Everyone needs to be sensible and should follow the Government’s advice. With regards to social distancing we believe this is a good thing for training your dog.

If everyone who is out with their dogs seriously adheres to the social distancing guidelines you should be given plenty of space to train your dog without being harassed by unruly dogs.

Dogs with a poor recall should be kept on a lead until they have a reliable recall.

Whilst those not in self isolation are still able to use public places like parks to walk and train  your dogs you will probably find it therapeutic as well as good for your dog.

Environmental training is something which can be great for building your dogs confidence and to keep you both focused.

For those in self isolation there are plenty of indoor training opportunities such as teaching your dog to settle, position transitions, perfecting heel work...group members will be sharing lots of ideas over the coming days, weeks and months

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