Webinar Recording

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Webinar Recording

90 minute video of our amazing webinar on prey drive. This is available to all free of charge until 12th September. 

Who Are The LWDG?

The LWDG supports ladies nationwide (and in other countries) with a wealth of information from Masterclasses, featured experts, training tips and tools, regular online meet ups in our virtual 'Dog & Duck' to name but a few. These resources are aimed at supporting lady handlers to get the absolute best from their dogs whilst growing confidence and belief in themselves so that they can become a 'team'.

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To send your feedback to LWDG , just fill in with your details and any comments you may wish to make (or questions you would like answered). We hugely appreciate your feedback, and every quarter all those providing feedback on masterclasses are entered into a prize draw to win! Every feedback form counts!

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