We are so excited to announce that this month we officially became Brand Partners of the British Game Alliance!
Who Are The British Game Alliance? 

The British Game Alliance was set up to promote, develop and assure the consumption of game meat by creating a thriving game meat market, underpinned by an independent assurance from egg to plate.

All BGA's Brand Partners are companies who support the mission of the BGA, and want to support their vision of an independently-assured game shooting sector and a thriving game meat market.

If you would like to find out more about The British Game Alliance, please click the button to visit their site below:

Why are we supporting their work?

The Ladies Working Dog Group is all about training working dogs to a high standard. A large portion of those dogs will at some time in their life play a working role on a shooting estate.

But as with many rural sports, there is a threat to the future of shooting. If we cannot show that the game raised and shot ends up on a table, we will always have a hard battle ethically justifying our choices.

Our Founder Joanne, and many of you too, firmly believe that Field To Fork is an incredibly important part of what we do. The British Game Alliance is an organisation that promotes the same values and we want to work with them to raise awareness of the work they do. We have worked with the BGA for over 2 years now, and this month we are incredibly proud to make this official.

And its not just the work of the BGA we want to promote, its the gamekeepers, the shoots, the butchers, the restaurants, the dog food producers, the country craft businesses who use the feathers, in fact we want to promote anyone who plays a part in the journey of British Game.

If you think of the work our dogs do in the game food chain, it really does emphasise the importance of the dogs within it. Beating dogs push the birds to the right place to be culled, picking up dogs collect and ensure game isn’t wasted, their competence in delivering to hand an unmarked bird is such an important aspect.

Working Dogs and the game industry rely so heavily on one another that there has long been this wonderful long standing relationship.

We promote the work of the BGA as we understand totally what a precious and important relationship this is.

Free Game Nutrition Printable Factsheet

Ever wondered about the nutritional value of some of the birds in the field? Head over to our free printable created in partnership with the British Game Alliance !

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