Welcome to the first post for Ladies Working Dog Group.

Our community started online in 2015 and has grown to over 1600 members as I write this.

I started LWDG because when began taking my working dog out I soon realised I was in a very much male dominated environment. I wanted to ask other women about their experiences, like where they bought clothing that wasn’t made for a 6’2 man, or what recipes they used for the game. I found it difficult at the start as I wanted to learn but was too scared to ask… so this lovely group was created.

We started as just me and a few ladies I had managed to find, and in the first two years we grew slowly. Now we accept around 20 new ladies a day into our FB group and have so much going on the decision was made to build an official website where we our tribe could love and learn together.

If you have a working dog, and want to find other females in your area join today and get involved. We are a massively fun group, we don’t tolerate any nastiness or belittling, and we are here to help you enjoy your life with a working dog

See you inside


Jo xx

  • Thanks for doing this group, I moved a couple of years ago but noticed there are very few ladies in this area on shoots. So looking forward to meet8ng some new people,maybe for dog training and hopefully working my dog next year

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