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Our system is going to help you so much with planning your training, but what about the HOW of training the foundation commands?  

Let our Featured Experts guide you over the next 9-Weeks to quickly learn the secrets it takes to fully train a working dog even if you have tried everything else and failed!

You will have lifetime access 24/7 to these amazing foundation lessons, plus access to LWDG Gundog Trainers through the dedicated Facebook Group* for just £47!

*All our Facebook groups are for ladies only, however both men and women can access the Hot Mess Handler - Gundog Bootcamp Basics course. 

I know, you know, our dogs should be well trained... but what happens if we are not sure how to do it...

You walk into your home after a busy day at work and you’re greeted by the happy welcoming face of your dog. You love how pleased they are to see you, but you just need a moment to change out of your work clothes. You ask them to sit, and they do… for about a second, and then they are bouncing about again. You ask again, and they do… this time for about thirty seconds, but then their bored of you not being fun, so wander off into the kitchen…

You change and get their lead to go out for an evening walk. They see the lead and they are all excited again! You take them out to the local field and wonder whether tonight they are going to be good, or bad…

Does This Sound Familiar?

Can You Imagine How It Would Feel To Own A Calm And Obedient Dog That You Self-Trained

Imagine if there was a clear, actionable way to improve your handling skills and your dog’s obedience without the stress, worry, or the anxiety of “am I even doing this right …”

… would you feel confident to show up to your dog training and handle it like a boss! 

The things you're most scared to talk about? THOSE are the things that are holding you back. 

Those are the things that you need to work through, and those are the things this course will help you conquer. 

Introducing The LWDG

Hot Mess Handler - Gundog Basics Bootcamp

Hot Mess Handler - The Gundog Basics Bootcamp is an online course that consists of over 16 hours of Featured Expert video lectures recorded live. These videos will offer simple solutions for the most common working dog handler questions, plus participants will get full lifetime access to the videos on demand, Course Workbook and Certificate of Completion, plus so many BONUS materials! Learn 100% online from anywhere on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Amanda P I'm halfway through the course and love it so far. so much brilliant information and all explained logically. great value too! 

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Click the ‘Enrol Now ’ button to begin ordering your course! Pay securely using either a Debit/Credit Card or via PayPal. The course is just £47 right now, instead of £420. We are purposely keeping the price low to allow access to all.

Once your order is placed, you’ll receive lifetime access to your dedicated Hot Mess Handler - Gundog Basics Bootcamp login details sent via email. When you receive these course login details you can login and start learning immediately with lifetime access. It’s that simple! Ladies can also join our free Facebook Support Group to answer any questions you may have as you work through the course. 

9 Foundational Cues 

The videos cover in depth the 9 commands you need to learn in order to train your working dog. 

16 Hours Of Training

14  hours of recorded training including end of video Q&A sessions with students covering common problems

Downloadable Workbooks for Each Topic

Download or print off focused PDF's to take notes from each video. Use these notebooks to remind you of how to train each cue

10 Modules Of Actionable Training Ideas For Each Topic

Download our BONUS 81 training ideas for each cue command.  81 training ideas for you for free plus our Quick-Train Sessions System too!

Here’s what others are saying about the course

Use the arrows to scroll through some of the feedback we have received. Hundreds of ladies are taking part in

our 9 Gundog Basics Bootcamp programme. 

Katya T

I have heard so much about the Hot Mess Handler Course and can’t wait to get going with my 5month old ESS. He may not be my first I’ve trained but I am keen not to repeat mistakes and learn new and different approaches to training. X

Ella R

Working through the Hot Mess Handler with our black lab who is approaching 6 months. Realising that I need to be really focussed and utilise the homework properly rather than just pick up snippets of guidance so, in for a penny, in for a pound. Looking forward to being a full member of this inspiring community.

Debbie E

Such a great group. Love my planner and have loved the Hot Mess Handler program (as far as I've gotten so far) and all of the other great content and help and organization tools. Hope to see you again down the road when life is not so in the way of training. Kudos to Jo and the team. And thanks and regards to you all!

Linda S

after starting the hotmess handler course, couldnt wait to join...looking forward to the journey with my lab !!

Course Structure

Click on each module to expand the course content:

1.1 Hot Mess Handler Get Started 2022

1.2 Sit And Wait 90 Minute Video Lesson

1.3 Become LWDG Society Squad Member

1.4 BONUS 2022 Q&A Video with Emma Stevens

1.5 Demonstration Video Sit And Wait

2.1 Self-Control 90 Minute Video Lesson & Resources

2.2 BONUS 2022 Q&A Video with Claire Denyer & Emma Stevens

3.1 Effective Recall 90 Minute Video Lesson & Resources

3.2 BONUS Effective Recall Video Foundation

3.3 BONUS Effective Recall Video Novice

4.1 Steadiness 90 Minute Video Lesson & Resources

4.2 BONUS Steadiness Homework Video

4.3 BONUS 2022 Q&A Video with Claire Denyer

5.1 Retrieving 90 Minute Video Lesson & Resources

6.1 Heelwork Workbook (Download)

6.2 Heelwork 90 Minute Video Lesson

6.3 BONUS Heelwork Homework (Download)

7.1 Stop Workbook (Download)

7.2 Stop 90 Minute Video Lesson

7.3 BONUS Stop Homework (Download)

8.1 Hunt/Lost Handbook (Download)

8.2 Hunt/Lost 90 Minute Video Recording Video

8.3 BONUS Hunt/Lost Whistle Homework (Homework)

9.1 Directions Workbook (Download)

9.2 Direction 90 Minute Video Lesson

9.3 BONUS Directions Homework (Download)

Hot Mess Handler - Gundog Basics Bootcamp

The LWDG Flagship Training Program For All Gundog Owners



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Facebook Support Group *ladies only
  • Course Suitable for Men & Women
  • Lower cost compared to live trianing

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14-Days

Your happiness is important to us. If you're unhappy with the course within 14 days of purchase, please contact us for a full refund. 

Personal Note

The Hot Mess Handler - Gundog Basics Bootcamp is THE course I wish I had access to right when I began training working dogs. It would have saved me making so many mistakes! I can't turn back time unfortunately but now at least I can stop making those errors. I love the fact that the LWDG Featured experts have created an affordable, intensive course that really will help anyone put their dog on the right track.

The Ladies Working Dog Group

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