LWDG Launches It's New Buddy System!

As the weekend of love comes to a close, the news of the sad death of the celebrity Caroline Flack has left many people feeling saddened and shocked. 

It’s all too easy to look like everything is fine on the outside, whilst on the inside we feel frightened and alone. 

As founder of the LWDG, I’m delighted to get regular messages off ladies saying things like 

I just remember I attending my first session with Emma who I met in here and I cried, I was crying when I was messaging you, neither of you judged neither of you told me off ...I have crippling self doubt and self confidence you both are helping me over come that x


However, as wonderful as it is to get these messages, and as wonderful as our amazing group already is, the reality is that there are ladies who join our group in real need of our friendship, community and help. 

And there maybe ladies reading this who haven’t yet felt confident enough to reach out for our help. 

So after a great idea was sent to me from Vicki Rose, we are introducing a new Buddy System! 

What exactly is a buddy system?

A buddy system is a process in which two individuals, the “buddies”, operate together so that they are able to support  and help each other.

How will our buddy system differ from our mentoring program

Being a buddy is very similar to being a mentor.

One of the main goals of mentoring and buddy systems is to support someone else.

However, our buddy system is a less formal arrangement and generally applies to two people of equal standing in the group who help each other out.

In a mentoring relationship, a more experienced or knowledgeable person is assigned to guide and support the other person to achieve a particular goal .

Unlike a mentoring relationship, a buddy relationship does not necessarily require a goal, rather offering friendship. 

How will our buddy system work?

Think of a buddy system as a support network or as a way for LWDG members to help each other. Joining, or being part of a new group of friends can be exciting, but it can also be very stressful and overwhelming. 

Our buddy system could be used to:

  • Help our new members to feel part of the group. For example, introducing them to other members.
  • Show new members where they can find different information on our social media platforms and our website. 
  • Introduce new members to other members. 
  • The members may not be ‘new’. They may have been in the group for a while and still want our support. 

What will be my Buddy Responsibilities?

Every Sunday we will post an #lwdgbuddy post , where we would love for those offering to buddy someone new, to comment on the post offering support. This way members looking for support can see your offer and reply to your post, or dm you to say hello.

We would also like you to make extra effort on the  #WelcomeWednesday to say hello to new members so they know they can find support. Your all amazing already, but if we can just say hello to a few more people that would be brilliant!

Is the Buddy System for everyone?

Yes, the Sunday Buddy Post will be place in the VIP Lounge and the free community, we want anyone needing help to know we are all here for them. 

When does the #lwdgbuddy system start?

There’s no time like the present so it starts today ( 16th Feb). Look out for this post.

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