Stay confident, stay calm and stay cool!

The Ladies Working Dog Group has a wide range of fashionable clothing and accessories to support your dog training journey. Our main LWDG clothing line is proudly embroidered by Tyler's Embroidery, which has been providing us with excellent service for over three years now! Tyler's offer delivery dates every fortnight as well as personalisation if needed. When ordering through this partnership you will be transferred to the LWDG Clothing Shop, enjoy the new look range with something for everyone. 

As an all-women membership group, we work hard on providing high-quality products that are unique in every way possible - from personalisation options right down the choice of each piece. Our Amazon Store is made up of products that have been suggested by our community. From gundog books to poo bags, we have sorted our community suggestions into categories. 

For those wanting to improve their dog training within weeks check out our Magic Month Planner.