Magic Month Challenge – Free Download To Help You Get Back On Track With Dog Training.

Do You Struggle To Find Training Time?

It’s so easy with our hectic schedules to fall out of our training routines. 

One week we’re feeling amazing and our dog’s making great progress, the next we’re feeling totally upset, frustrated and our dog isn’t listening to a sound we make. If you’re feeling like this right now, I’ve created this challenge just for you!

I’ve felt like this so many times with my dogs, and so originally I created this challenge as a way of getting myself back on track.

Loads of ladies withing the LWDG talk about the frustration they feel when it comes to making time for training their working dog.  

So much so that even in the last hour of launching to current members we have had loads of emails saying thank you that this is exactly what they need! Clearly I wasn’t the only one feeling frustrated and unmotivated!

My aim for this challenge is that it will help you plan and carry out short sharp training sessions each day, getting you excited and feeling in control, and getting your dog back on the progression path you want. If that sounds good to you then you can get your copy here 


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