At Ladies Working Dog Group we love bringing you quick ideas that can really help you with your working dog training. Maybe your new to dog training so haven’t purchased a dog dummy yet? Or maybe you have lost yours and need a quick replacement. This no sew dog dummy is so easy to make, and our dogs loved it. We tested it on a few of our spaniels and they all located it and carried it with ease. We look forward to seeing photos of yours! 

What You Need To Make The No Sew Dog Dummy

To make this easy, no sew, washable dog training dummy you will need:

Step 1

Begin by cutting pair of jeans into 4 strips. We kept the hems included in the strips for strength and weight but this does make it harder to knot correctly. 

cutting jeans for the dog dummy

Step 2

Use a strong bobble to hold all 4 strips together. This will be removed before you send your dog to retrieve it. Start by making a spiral crown knot, this creates creates a dummy shape. Here‘s a video of how to tie a crown knot. You can use any of the crown knots. 

jeans with bobble to start the knotting

Step 3


Once you have knotted to the end , remove the bobble, and either tie off ends securely with knots, or using the scissors, push the ends back into the dummy.  Now your dummy is ready to take outdoors and enjoy.  You can record your training sessions using our free dog training log.

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