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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Ladies Working Dog Group
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Are you starting to lose faith that you’ll ever completely train your dog? Do you feel like you take a step forward and then take three back?

LWDG Group Expert Emma-Louise Stevens shares the strategies she’s used to help her train her working dog team.

Joining this 3 Day Challenge is the perfect way to move your training journey with your dog forward! Over three days, you'll learn how to create success with your dog and ignore self-doubt.

This challenge includes 1 hour of amazing training each day from LWDG Group Expert Emma Stevens, and in just three days, Emma will guide you through each step of the process to start to achieve your goals and have a well-behaved dog by your side.

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LWDG Group Expert Claire Denyer explains how we can utilise our threshold understanding in group classes.

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Ladies Working Dog Group

Now based in Cumbria due to a recent relocation, Emma is the Founder of Cunningshot. Upon completion of her degree in Veterinary Medicine, Emma Spent 2 years in practice focusing on in-patient care and behaviour work. After two years her passion firmly lay within behaviour and training, and she came out of Veterinary work and set up Cunningshot Dog Training. With a unique set of skills, Emma is able to offer clients an individual journey like no other. Canine psychology, health, nutrition and an advanced set of practical dog training skills are just some to name a few of the skill set Emma has obtained over her year's training. Working with agility dogs, security and detection dogs and gundogs, Emma has witnessed and worked with a huge range of breeds across a large variety of disciplines. Emma runs a team of dogs picking up on a large number of days during the shooting season and also breeds her own line of working springers. Emma currently trains the majority of working gundog clients including puppies to an advanced level, alongside serious behaviour cases.

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