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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Ladies Working Dog Group
About A Year Of Unshakable Success - *** NEW MASTERCLASS***
About January 2022 Masterclass

As the calendar turns over each year, so does the excitement for all that we can accomplish in the new year. I hope you are spending some time this week to plan out what you want to achieve and the barriers to your success. I'm right there with you as I look at what I want to accomplish in 2022 with Buddy and Ella ( and with life in general too).

As the years move forward in the LWDG, I've come to realise that as much as you all need the 'how-to' of dog training, many of you also need our support on the ‘I to believe I can' too. We want you all to have the best year ever with your dogs, so in this masterclass, Tara will be helping you master your mindset ready for the forthcoming year!

 She'll be helping you remove the imposter syndrome holding you back, set some goals and have an epic plan for an amazing year of dog training!

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Ladies Working Dog Group

Tara is the founder and CEO of the International mindset and marketing company Tara Punter PR. Through her investment in coaches, her Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Coaching qualification, and a great deal of experience she helps clients with their strategy, sales, and success.

In April 2017, Tara's lack of strategy and goals in her own business led to IBS hitting her and ongoing health problems. At the time, she was in financial trouble, had just lost 2 major clients, and was owed thousands. She knew she couldn't go on this way but also knew she really didn't want to go back to employment. She sought out her first coach and has since invested heavily in a number of coaches and now helps clients overcome the things that hold them back.


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