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By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Building Confidence On Blind Retrieves

Building Confidence on Blind Retrieves  is an area where many handlers come unstuck or confused by their dog’s behaviour and reaction to true blind retrieves.

A blind retrieve is a retrieve where the dog does not know the retrieve is there. This means they have not seen the retrieve fall and mark its landed place (a marked retrieve) or the dog hasn’t seen the retrieve be put down and then walked away or been sent to do something else (a memory retrieve). A true blind retrieve requires the dog to trust you that where you are pointing they will find a retrieve. Let’s explore many ways on how you can build your dogs confidence on blinds.

Downloadable Booklet with Exercises 

Masterclass Feedback


I am very satisfied with this masterclass

I am very satisfied with this masterclass. Claire is a wonderful trainer and breaks everything down to the minutest detail. She explains things in a very calm and thorough manner and her friendliness shines through. She has given me several ideas for training my 2.5-year-old WCS and I look forward to implementing them in the field. Thanks so much, Claire. From the training, I found that I may have been rushing my little dog to do things she perhaps isn't too confident about yet. I have now learned to take things much easier and to work with her rather than ahead of her. Although I knew it, I found it helpful for Claire to reiterate that every dog is different and works at their own pace and to their own capabilities.

Gill V

Awesome Masterclass

Easy to follow incremental steps laid out to build confidence and success. Good recapping on every stage and points where things could go wrong and how to correct them. Claire gives very clear instructions and the videos to back up the theory were really useful. Awesome masterclass. Thank you


Step By Step Guide

Step by step guide on how to prepare your dog, advice on understanding why the dog is behaving a certain way, tips to ensure you are doing all you can with your stance etc to be consistent, clear exercises to follow.


Simple and Easy

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How to prepare for blind retrieves How do you know when your dog is ready for blind retrieves?Preparation work for blind retrievesConsistency on cuesPractical Demonstration  

The importance of setting the dog and how you cast off/send the dogSome of the most popular ways to set your dog up for a blind retrieveThe pros and cons of some of the most popular ways to set your dog up for a blind retrieveHow your body position communicates a language to the dogThe importance of your dogs head and body positionPractical Demonstration

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The Importance of The Vocal Command used for blind retrieves 

The importance of the three Ds in trainingHow to proof and generalise the training Practical Demonstrations

Start ShortDistancesDummy ChoicePlaces To TrainUsing The EnvironmentTeamworkWhat Can Go Wrong

How to get the best out of the dog you are working with, whether that be an overconfident or underconfident dog. 

What is over handlingHandling with confidenceWhen to handle and when to let the dog use its natural abilityPractical Demonstration Video 

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What to do when things go wrong 

Multiple ways to develop your dog's confidence in blind retrieves and exercises to support this. Downloadable PDF for you to use in your training. 

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

I am a trainer and behaviourist. I run Family Dog Services alongside my husband John. I have been training and working with gundogs professionally for just about 5 years, training gundogs for fun for about 9 years. All my dogs before Indy were pets only. I am passionate about pet and gundog training and showing owners how appropriate training can help prevent behavioural problems with pet dogs, and, that gundog training doesn't require harsh handling. I am the author of the puppy book 'The Life Of Rose' (raising puppies the family dog services way)

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