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About Dual Handling Working Dogs

Do you currently have two dogs, or are you interested in two dogs in the future? The skills needed to not only work two dogs in the field but also manage them at home and out on "free walks" is a skill often overlooked and not thought about.

This two-hour live will go through introducing a new dog to the household; household manners with two dogs; managing and maintaining good relationships and tranquillity in your house with two or more dogs; finding the time to train two dogs separately and together; when to start dual handling- this includes: how to start to introduce two dogs to work (prep work) and exercises suitable for obedience, picking up and beating when working more than one dog.


Emma is brilliant

Dual Handling workshop Very satisfied The really clear explanations of training activities to try, as well as the insight into how to understand both dogs, especially when introducing a new dog and how this might affect your existing dog. Maybe some videos that are shown during the masterclass, or links to them that we could watch before/after? Yes, I think Emma is brilliant and I’ve learnt a lot from her from this masterclass.

Alice G

Clear and structured explanations

Dual handling - Very satisfied. Clear and structured explanations, whiteboard diagrams. Very thorough. Would like the exercise sheets Emma referred to in the session - how do I access these??

Sarah H

Helped me to plan my dog's training for dual handling

It was fantastic, I truly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Helped me to plan my dog's training för dual handling and to think about how to start a young dog in the field and when and how to introduce cold game.

Gunni W

Really enjoyed it and gave me a lot to work on

Brilliant insight into what you should do when dual handling. Information was very clear and concise. Liked the use of the whiteboard to illustrate moves. Really enjoyed it and gave me a lot to work on. Very happy with what I have seen covered. Very efficient, that a lot of preparation goes into the masterclasses which is much appreciated.

Sandra G

I have a clear view of what I need to begin working on going forward

Dual Handling. Very Satisfied. Learning how to manage and train my two Labradors both together and separately, Emma explained everything really well and I have a clear view of what I need to begin working on going forward.

Fay R

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

Hi Everyone, I am Emma Stevens owner of Cunningshot Dog Training which originated from my breeding kennel name Cunningham (my maiden name and my late grandfathers name) and Shot for GundogsI have been around dogs and horses from a young age. Training and interested in health and nutrition.I started off with agility and obedience training. Then when I went to college to do animal management I learnt training methods for a wide range of animals from alpacas to Emu’s. Learning the different training techniques and methods I feel has shaped me into the trainer I am today.


After college I went to university to study veterinary medicine and science. To get into vet school I undertook a lot of work experience placements. Lots of my work experience was training related. Attending RAF police dog kennels to learn about protection and scentwork to large exotic animal work to learn how zoo keepers train large species to have medical examinations and blood tests etc.Whilst at university I decided that my passion was for training and behaviour rather than the medical side of the degree. This is where my love for Gundog training came into play. I always liked dog breeds with a working purpose having had collies and non working Gundogs, security and detection work and with my varied training knowledge across different disciplines I decided Gundogs were where I wanted to further my career.

Cunningshot Dog Training

I built the business to help pet and working Gundogs through positive training and create shoot day ready dogs that any owner country background or not, child or adult, Male or female could take out on a shoot day. I try to offer knowledge and guidance for complete novices and people who have been dealing with working dogs all their life.My personal life I live with my husband who is an under keeper and our team of Gundogs and terriers. I often help on the shoot when I’m not training and I also work in a veterinary practice part time. I offer canine first aid course and behaviour consults alongside my training. We have a fair few Gundogs between us who help with group sessions and my behaviour work as well as all working themselves in various countryside roles suited to their breeds including pest control and shoot day work.I hope you enjoy the masterclass as much as I enjoyed filming it. Please feel free to message Cunningshot Dog Training if you would like to give feedback, ask any questions or need any training help.

Ready to learn?

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