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About Grooming The Working Dog

This masterclass will show you how to provide maintenance grooming at home and the importance of keeping on top of grooming; whatever the breed. 

Julie will also show you how to home groom your dog to your personal preference if you would like to go further. There are huge benefits to your dog in grooming them, even if you only do maintenance and send them to a groomer regularly for a full groom.

What Our Members Thought:


I Feel Confident Enough To Have A Go

Excellent advice & demos. Great to see how to use the equipment correctly (especially how to use clippers). I feel confident enough to have a go at everything myself now.


Would Be Ideal for Someone Who Isn't Confident

I found the technique for trimming inside the ears and under the paws with clippers brilliant, I hadn't thought to use clippers in those areas. I found the whole video very informative and would be ideal for someone who hasn't necessarily got the experience or confidence to groom their own dog from head to toe.


Very Helpful

Very helpful, especially regarding feet and tails for our cocker spaniels! Good to see different coat types explained too. Good to see whole process from start to end as our current groomers are not grooming for the near-future other then emergency cases.


I'm Going To Give This A Try

Great masterclass, I found the foot trimming particularly useful. I'm going to give this a try on my springer to hopefully help her feel more comfortable!


Very Clear

Very clear. Gives me confidence to have a go at trimming my two spaniels myself. Thank you!


I think that pretty much everything I need is covered!

I found the February Masterclass on Grooming, Clipping, and Trimming really interesting. I feel much more confident now about how I clip, trim, and keep my dogs healthy at home. I found how to check and trim spaniels helpful. I have two Springers who I groom, check, and trim at home.This was a really good, detailed masterclass showing all the things to check and what equipment to use to keep them healthy and trimmed properly. I like their coats long and don't trim much but I do trim to be able to check them regularly for any issues. This masterclass was really informative. I think that pretty much everything I need is covered! Julie gave a really good explanation of what to do to check, bath, trim, and clip in this masterclass and gave options as well so that each person can choose what suits them and their dog.

Nicky C

Simple and Easy

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Short video covering snippets of video from all 8 lessons 

Equipment needed before you beginHow you can improviseHow to get started

Video lesson

How to prepare for bathingHow to bath safely 

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How to dry your dog properly with towel dryingOther equipment that can be used to dry your dogHow to make sure your dog is happy and safe to be driedDangers of using hair dryers

Why it is so important to keep pads tidyWhat pads doHow to check your dogs pads for mats and issuesHow to keep the hair between your dogs pads shortImportance of keeping the hair between the toes tidyHow to check in between toesHow to Trim the hair between the toes safelyHow to check if nails need trimmingHow to trim your dogs nails with clippers

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What brushes and combs to useHow to brush your dog properly depending on coatWe will look at “stripping” hair, brushing to remove excess hair, combing to get knots out and stop matting.

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How to check an ear is healthyWhat to look out for; warning signsHow to keep the ear clean and healthyHow to trim around ears if necessary

How to trim areas up to keep your dog cleaner and tidierHow to safely trim feathers, ears, tummy, tail upHygiene areas in older dogs

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How to clip all over if that is your choice.How to hold clippersWhere to startHow to ensure it is done safely

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

I’m Julie Palmer of Seadogs Training. We are a husband and wife team. www.seadogstraining.co.uk. Between us, we have over 25 years of experience of working dogs in the field in all disciplines. I have also trained and worked as a groomer. I now focus on training and no longer groom other people's dogs, but I do have five springer spaniels to groom myself and continue to remain up to date in my training.

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