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By Ladies Working Dog Group
About How to Recall Your Dog Successfully - Part 1

Do you struggle to get your dog to come back when called? Do you have trouble getting them to obey even when they're close by? This video course will teach you how to recall your dog successfully every time. With this information, you'll be able to create a strong recall bond with your dog that will make both of your lives much easier.

The objectives of this course are to teach participants how to:

-Recall their dog successfully and instantly

-Create a strong bond of trust with their pet

-Understand why recalls might fail and how to prevent them

-Deal with common distractions that can interfere with a recall

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

I am a behavioural dog trainer and run 'Companion Dog Solutions', based in West Sussex. I offer classes, one-to-one training, pet gundog classes, behaviour consultations and puppy consultations.I have two golden retrievers, one of which was a gunshy, reluctant retriever who now picks up and the other, a young dog, who I plan to have out picking up next season. Golden retrievers are a breed I grew up with and absolutely adore - they tend to have a great sense of humour and fun and are a good reminder not to take things too seriously!I love working with people and dogs, and my aim is to provide owners with the tools they need to build and maintain a harmonious relationship with their dogs. Therefore, it is of huge importance to me that I provide effective, practical dog training that works in real-life situations and give owners a true understanding of how to keep their dog happy and safe whilst having fun! Every person and dog is different, and my training is adaptable to the dog in front of me to achieve the desired results.Before working with dogs, I was an opera singer and singing teacher. Clear communication between trainer and owner is paramount in the success of training your dog and I draw on my experience of over 12 years of teaching and coaching people to ensure that my training is clear and the principles are understood.I have trained with leading canine behavioural trainer Robert Alleyne, completing his Pet Dog Training Instructor's Course and until recently I was also a resident instructor at his renowned training classes in South East London. I have a Diploma from The Canine Instructor Academy and have studied pet gundog training with Claire and John Denyer of Family Dog Services. and I continue to attend seminars and workshops as part of my professional development and ongoing education.

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