Improving Your Dog's Direction




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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Improving Your Dog's Direction

This masterclass will show you how to progress your handling skills when practicing left, right and back commands. We will give you ideas for proofing the commands and show you how to progress to more advanced handling skills.

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The dogs shown did master every challenge perfectly well.

I've watched the Masterclass about sending the dog back, left and right. A fabulous masterclass - very inspiring everything built up step by step and that's great; makes it easy for me to set up my own trainings. The dogs shown did master every challenge perfectly well. To me it would be of great help, if there would be any "accidents" - I mean, how to correct the dog, when something goes wrong - as it will, as my dog is not as experienced as those in the video can't name it, because I've no overview on all the masterclasses on the website If there is non about building up the stop whistle - and much more to improve with a dog that's quite sloppy about it - that would be fab definitive yes.

Susanne S

Really Good Explanations

Improving Your Dogs Direction Very Satisfied Really good explanations of what is happening during the different exercises and how to set the dog up for success. Interesting to see different voice commands for left and right. So far I have my dogs going left and right from the same "Out" command. This masterclass has put the thought in my head to try different words for left/right. I'm sure it will come in handy at some point so it is now time to improve my dogs vocabulary! Different sports to try with my dogs. Yes

Nicky C

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

Abbie Reid, Riverlily Working Dogs (www.riverlilyworkingdogs.co.uk), reward-based gundog training in Hertfordshire. Training all gundog breeds for the shooting field, competitions, and pet gundogs.

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