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About Reluctant Retriever

Reluctant Retrieving manifests itself in various ways, and, is one of the most common problems I see. I regularly work with dogs who have various retrieving problems. There are several causes ranging from too much retrieving too young, formalising the retrieve too early, telling dogs off for picking things up around the house, and, sadly sometimes, too harsh handling.

This subject is very close to my heart as I see many dogs who appear to have little to no desire to retrieve. It’s quite a common problem. I have many dogs come to us for training who other trainers have turned away or deemed “no good”. Unfortunately, this problem can cause dogs to be over looked or moved on in the competition world. So, over the last few years working with reluctant retrievers or dogs lacking drive and enthusiasm has become a passion.

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Introduction What Is A Reluctant RetrieverReluctant Retrievers Can Happen To Anyone 

Starting a puppy off rightTake a break and reset

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Recall into 'present' without dummyDeveloping the 'present' position without the dummy 

Breeds and retrievingKnow your dogs retrieving limit

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Reluctant Retriever ExampleUsing food and retrievingRetrieving AidsCanvas or Feather& FurGuided learning for dogs who need help understanding

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Getting THE delivery

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

I have been training and working with gundogs professionally for just about 5 years, training gundogs for fun for just over 8 years. All my dogs before Indy were pets only. I am passionate about pet and gundog training and showing owners how appropriate training can help prevent behavioural problems with pet dogs, and, that gundog training doesn't require harsh handling. I have a passion for and specialise in working with reluctant retrievers. Whether the owner wants to work their gundog or not, having a reluctant retriever can bring unwanted behaviours, and, potential risks.

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