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By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Steadiness To Movement

Steadiness To Movement Training with Featured Expert Matt Ball



It was incredible. Step by step progression and skills demonstrated in videos. For a newbie like myself, the concept of steadiness to movement has just blown my mind!

Alex M

Found This So Helpful

Found this so helpful in pointing out the need to get the sit to movement nailed in different environments and the caution of not trying to progress too quickly. Think I may be taking quite a while to achieve the steadiness required with my young springer, who seems to find anything that moves highly exciting even if is only a leaf!



Everything! More of the same, steadiness, self control is what Gundogs are all about. I have one wirehaired vizsla who was a dream to train. Now 3 years old and hoping to compete with her this season. I also have her 7 month old half sister, who is a totally different kettle of fish! She certainly needs to learn self control, and so do I. Yes. I think she is a brilliant communicator and hope to get in touch with her via dogs r dogs No but hope to be soon

Jackie H


I found his method to be logical and make sense. Am quite keen to put that into practice! Would love to hear more from him about training pointing though and how to bring out the natural point whilst working on steadiness. Will be off to the park tomorrow to work round some ducks!


Step By Step Approach

This step by step approach is a great way of demonstrating to beginner dog handlers what needs to be achieved before moving onto the next stage. I also like the reminder of ‘black and white, no grey areas’. This can be a difficult concept to remember sometimes but makes sense to implement it so the dog is clear what is being asked of them.


Really Interesting

Really interesting step by step process. Nice to see something detailed on HPRs though applicable to all breeds.


Simple and Easy

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Audio lesson

Podcast Interview With Featured Expert Matt Ball (Click Here)The audio introduction interview  to this month's masterclass offers an incredible insight into your dogs behaviours, prey drive and instilling steadiness into them.It's so good, LWDG have made it public so feel free to listen and share! Matt Ball is an expert in training dogs, with a focus on HPR behaviour. This audio introduction is a masterclass in itself. Enjoy !Podcast Interview With Featured Expert Matt Ball  

In this video you will learn: Consolidating obedienceResponse to sit whistle, voice and hand Continuity of repetitionEnvironmental response 

In this video you will learn :Rewarding frequency and structureFocusMan-made movement distraction

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In this video you will learn: Distance WorkMovement Off LeashRewardingTimescales  

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In this video you will learn: Introducing pens Prey Drive Behaviours Local EnvironmentsDesensitisation

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In this video you will learn :Examples of behaviourEnvironmental BehavioursGame WorkTolerance

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

Featured Expert - Matt BallMy love affair with man’s best friend started when I was just a child. From the age of 9 years old, I was working German Shorthaired and Wirehaired Pointers to a high competition standard, under the watchful eye of my step father (Trevor Rigby) who ran a successful dog training business – Dorntanza Gundogs.Upon leaving school I joined the family business and was involved in training dogs (mainly Hunt Point Retrievers – HPR) for the gun and birds of prey. This proved the ultimate ‘apprenticeship’ and provided me with a valuable grounding in field training and how dogs think and behave.At the age of 27 I joined the Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC) and for 15 years enjoyed a fulfilling career as a Dog Trainer. My role involved instructing UK and international students and soldiers within the Armed Forces, Police, Prison Service, HM Customs and civilians both at home and overseas in Canine Search, Protection, Tracking and Obedience.

From the training, instructing and handling of Specialist Dog teams for the London 2012 Olympics to training defence professionals on how to work with dogs to detect ivory and buried explosive devices, my position as a Training Sergeant for Detection Dogs took me all over the world. I was humbled to receive the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery whilst serving in as part of an operational Tracker Dog Team. As a respected Class 1 Canine Instructor and SME (Subject Matter Expert) in Military Working Dogs I have had the privilege of delivering lectures and demos to the Royal Family, Special Forces, Police and Prison service as a member of the British Counter IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) Team.Upon leaving the RAVC I returned to Dumfries and started my own business in training dogs with behavioural problems and their owners. Since then I have shared my knowledge and expertise built up over a career spanning over 30 years, to offer specialised training for working (gun) dogs and their owners, as well as helping pet owners deal with a variety of obedience / behavioural issues with their dogs. I have recently relocated to Hertfordshire where I continue to deliver bespoke one-to-one training for dogs and their owners.My ethos is straightforward, success through an innate understanding of dog psychology – never brute force! Dogs need a focus, they need to have a purpose and this gives them stimulation and a far greater bond with you their owner and Pack Leader.https://dorntanzadogtraining.co.uk

Ready to learn?

  • A nice insight on how to layer your foundation training, working through the varies training stages, then getting to see the end result. Great visual examples, really explained well and I would love to see more of Matt Balls training.

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