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By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Teaching Your Dog To Hunt To Whistle

Teaching Your Dog To Hunt To Whistle – From puppy onward….

This incredible video series is going to have you feeling far more confident about teaching the hunt command.

Please note we are introducing using subtitles on our videos.  The great thing is it means we can get over weather challenges, plus also, you can learn without sound. 

Where words are missing we have reduced the text to ensure you still have visibility of the screen to see the trainer. 



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How to begin training with a very young pup. 

In this step Abbie teaches us about using the hunt whistle command for a dog to hunt behind and forward.

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

This month's Featured Expert is the amazing Abbie Reid from Riverlily Working Dogs Abbie's BioMy dog training career started ten years ago with Mya, my 8 week old working bred black Labrador puppy. I began the task of training this full on, high energy puppy using reference books and a DVD. It was a steep learning curve. Since those early days I am now an IABTC Qualified Dog Instructor, a Member of the Guild of Dog Trainers and I have a Diploma in Canine Psychology. For 3 years I was an Assistant Gundog Trainer at Ashleygrove Gundogs. Riverlily was started in 2012 and since then has grown into a fantastic Club where people can train their dogs in a friendly and relaxed environment. Training is reward based and our sessions are structured and progressive so everyone can achieve their training goals. We have numerous social events throughout the year and finish most training session with cake and lots of tea!!My aim is for all trainees to come to Riverlily and build a working bond of trust and respect with their dog and to have fun doing so, whilst at the same time making new friends and enriching their personal lives.  I have attended many courses over the years, both Gundog courses and Pet Dog courses. I have acquired a great depth of knowledge and training skills through listening to other trainers and through training my own seven dogs and hundreds of clients dogs. All of which are totally different in character and temperament and require very different training techniques, depending on the breed and the individual nature of each dog. My team comprises of seven beautiful black Labradors, six of which are related. I have bred two litters in the Riverlily line and have produced cracking big, strong, bold dogs and small, fast and super clever bitches. They are all hunting machines.  They are trained and walked every day and lead a fantastic active life. In the summer months I regularly compete in Working Tests and in the winter months I pick up on a number of shoots with them all. There is never a dull moment. I have also entered a number of Field Trials and this is currently what I am focusing on with my young dogs. My advice would be "always remember you and your dog are a team and if you are enjoying the training then I am sure your dog will be too!"

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