The How And Why Of Dog Communication - Part 1




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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Ladies Working Dog Group
About The How And Why Of Dog Communication - Part 1

Join us this month for an incredible 2 part masterclass with Bethany Nicholls and Claire Denyer

Part 1 is trained by our New Featured Expert Bethany who takes us on a journey through the history of dog domestication and behaviour. Some of the training will challenge what you think you know about dogs…


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Ladies Working Dog Group

Bethany Nicholls, Behaviour Shaping and training. Beth is a veterinary scientist with an interest in animal behaviour, through her business Behaviour Shaping and training she works with owners to help train their dogs and horses. She grew up with working dogs and horses and now works to combine her scientific knowledge of behaviour with practical experience of training. She is working towards her masters, becoming a veterinary behaviourist and gaining her fear-free certification.https://www.behaviourshapingtraining.comBeth is offering 10% off her normal kong prices for LWDG Society  members. Her price list is on the behaviour shaping and training Facebook page, choose the items and send her a message with the password LWDG10 for a 10% discount. (Anyone living outside the Lothian’s will also be charged postage)

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