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About The Science Behind Correction- How To Correct Constructively

Join our amazing Featured Experts Emma Stevens, Claire Denyer, and Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor as they deliver a live session to a 100 participants on the topic of Correction. 

This webinar took place on the 1st June 2021 and is jam-packed with information on anything and everything to do with correction. It provides information you need to further understand what correction is, when to use it, and how it could work for the dog in front of you. It does not tell you what you should use as each dog and situation is very different. The Featured Experts provide examples of a variety of corrections, along with explanations of where they may be used.

Please Note: Examples in this webinar include corrections our Featured Experts WOULD NOT USE. They are there for information and understanding purposes only. Our Featured Experts are experienced and qualified trainers and want you to learn the science behind correction so that you can understand further how it can be used constructively, and where its use may not be constructive. 


Clear and open explanation of a difficult subject

Clear and open explanation of a difficult subject. The presenters were very knowledgeable and the slides easily understood. The audience participation by chat was also interesting.

Nicky G

Some real thought-provoking questions and examples

Very satisfied with how the way the 4 quadrants were explained. The three featured experts were all fantastic. They provided a well-thought-out presentation and some real thought-provoking questions and examples. I wish this sort of knowledge on correction was more the norm with the general public. I am forever feeling judged. This has given me more knowledge to provide information to my family and friends when they pass comments!

Emma F

It was absolutely great!

I've just watched the masterclass from yesterday. First I would like to say it was absolutely great. Really enjoyed it. I will need to watch again as there was a lot to take in. Secondly, I would like to thank you for organising and offering this for free. It is so kind of you. Definitely, a dream team. And I enjoyed reading up on their introductions. Thank you once again.

Deborah P

The Correction class was expertly delivered

Correction is such an emotive topic and people often find it hard to listen to why someone might be training in a particular way or using a particular method, it is so common these days for people to not even try to listen if it is not what they agree with and that is what is so nice about LWDG, there are no pile-ons, people are kind and listen and learn from each other. The Correction class was expertly delivered and so well explained especially the true meaning of 'negative' and 'positive' (words which have been hijacked and misused in recent years) and the 4 Quadrants. I love these 3 experts, they explain things so well and you can tell they put so much time and effort into their Masterclasses.

Jo C

At last, I think I may be able to retain the Four Quadrants rules

Correction Masterclass... Thank you all for the effort you have obviously put into the presentation, and for all the other things you do too, I look forward to the next topic! At last, I think I may be able to retain the Four Quadrants rules, previously it's been like a bar of wet soap...I understand whilst I'm reading it, then it slips out of my grasp when I try to mentally recap. I think your presenters explained it as well as it is possible for it to be explained, I absolutely agree that the use of the words positive and negative do not help with the understanding, I've wracked my brains to come up with a more self-explanatory alternative, the best I can manage is "addition and subtraction" and that doesn't flow very well either!!!

Jane W

The discussion and trainer's knowledge was mind-blowing

I was one of the lucky ones that managed to get to see it live. The discussion and trainer's knowledge was mind-blowing. Very thought-provoking. Need never to judge other people's corrections until you understand why someone would be using that method. Really think about what the individual dog finds rewarding. I just love to learn and gain knowledge to help my dogs and me All three of the featured experts were fantastic and the fact they gave up their time preparing and presenting the webinar and their incredible knowledge to explain the course in 'layman terms' for free was fantastic and an absolute credit to their professionalism as gundog trainers.

Deb W

Lots to take away from this

The Science Behind Correction - Very satisfied, lots to think about lots of notes made in the workbook! All of it, I had never until this masterclass really thought about correction and the various types, their impact, and individual associations to your dog. Lots to take away from this thank you.

Lisa H

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