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By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Train Your Dog To Overcome Obstacles - ***NEW MASTERCLASS ***

With years of experience training gundogs, LWDG Group Expert Claire Denyer knows that dogs need the opportunity to develop their skills in navigating across different environments.

In this course Claire will teach you her tried-and-tested methods for teaching your dog how to negotiate obstacles in a variety of situations - from banks and rivers, to hedges and streams.

Once you've finished this masterclass you will have everything needed to train your own dog to cope when asked to cross an obstacle.

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Introduction to this masterclass by Claire Denyer

Claire discusses what we need to take into consideration when training our dog for the obstacles in our environments.

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Claire teaches us the important points of teaching a dog to cross water confidently.

Claire discusses what we need to consider when our dog has to face a range of different obstacles.

In this last lesson Claire teaches us what behavioural signs to look our for that may suggest we are advancing our obstacle training to quickly.

About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

I have been training dogs professionally since 2016, including pet dogs and working gundogs, and have also enjoyed teaching my own gundogs since 2012. I am a behavioural trainer who works with every dog and owner individually, taking a holistic approach to training.I am proud to have trained alongside and incredible dog trainers and behaviourists, including well-renowned Dog Behaviourist Robert Alleyne (attending his 12-week instructors' course in 2016), and John Rogerson.  In addition, I have continued to participate in various workshops and seminars, including canine first aid, dog aggression awareness, dog on dog aggression courses, dog on human aggression courses, and Zoopharmacognosy, Tellington Ttouch, to name a few, and studying dog training and behaviour with the CIDBT.

I am passionate about pet and gundog training.I believe in educating owners on how appropriate training can help prevent behavioural problems with pet dogs, and that gundog training doesn't require harsh handling.I have a passion for and specialise in working with reluctant retrievers.
Whether the owner wants to work their gundog or not, having a reluctant retriever can bring unwanted behaviours and potential risks.I enjoy working my dogs and have a couple of local shoots where I work my dogs, usually picking up but occasionally beating.I run puppy classes, 121s, gundog classes, workshops, training days, and walked up training days and KC working gundog certificate days for my clients.I am the author of the puppy book 'The Life of Rose' raising puppies the family dog services way. 

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