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About Training Your Dog To Quarter

Join us for this incredible masterclass with Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor as she guides us through a simpleyet effective process to training a dog to quarter. 


Brilliant Masterclass

Brilliant master class I’ve actually seen Sam for a private lesson with Reggie on quartering , learnt so much from her in 2 hours this is great to refer back too , reggies picked it up well except when the pheasant scent is just to much and he’ll go a little of track 😆

Lorraine H

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Welcome to our Masterclass on teaching your dog to quarter with the  Samanatha Thorneycroft Taylor. 

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The third and final lesson with Sam  in our quartering Masterclass 

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We conclude this incredible masterclass. ( Please excuse Mr P's sniffles. He came to help bless with THE worst of colds! ) 

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

Hi, I’m Sam Thorneycroft-Taylor and I run Languedoc Gundogs; a Gundog and Obedience Training Center in Gloucestershire.Languedoc Gundogs was started in 2005 and I took over the sole running of it in 2010 when my husband went back into farming. We have written articles for Sporting Shooter, and been featured in The Field Magazine and the Telegraph’s Countryside supplement.My love of (gun)dogs started when I was very young, although we didn’t have a family dog growing up so I borrowed other people’s to walk and train. My first Springer Spaniel was quite headstrong and I learnt very quickly that she needed a more structured approach with lots of mental stimulation to keep her fully occupied. She ended up a lovely beating companion and even joined me picking up – though she refused to put anything feathery in her mouth and was more of a ‘spotter’ assisting the rest of my team. She had one litter of pups and her son is now a key component in my picking up team. 

Cocker Spaniels
I now have a great fondness for Cocker Spaniel’s; I find them even more rewarding to train than Springers and they seem to have that extra ‘something’ about them. The attention they give is second to none and I wouldn’t be without my right-hand man, Todd, who started out as my husband’s dog and featured in the early Sporting Shooter article’s. He is now nearly 11yrs old and should have retired a few seasons ago but his love for picking up and being out with me in the field is so strong that he still comes out and works his socks off. The joy and pride I feel when I watch him, and the rest of my dogs, working so hard doing something they absolutely love and something that we have trained so hard for is amazing and truly heart warming! Their desire to work with me as part of an equal team is something I strive hard for; my dogs are never my tools and I would never want them to be!Over the years we have helped many clients achieve their goals with their dogs of all shapes/sizes and breeds, be it a full-on shooting companion, or a well rounded family pet that may undertake the odd day in the field. We pride ourselves in tailoring a course to suit each individual so no one course is the same, although they all include some Gundog training.We train all breeds of Gundog, for more information please take a look at our website www.languedocgundogs.co.uk or drop me an email at sam@languedocgundogs.co.uk

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