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About Training Your Dog To The Sound Of Shot

Join us for the lesson below where featured expert  Tracy Furguson  of  Roxburghe Shooting School   delivers an an incredible session on how to train your dog to the sound of shot. 

Make sure to watch the  bonus training  at the end, and  download  the shot gun audio below to play at home at low volume.  

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

About TracyI was brought up in the London suburbs and worked most of my life in the City Centre so I did not have a great understanding of the country way of life – I suppose the closest I came to spending time in the country was when my parents took me to Epping Forest, or to a ‘pick your own strawberry farm!I spend a great many years working in the advertising industry, launching magazines and websites.Scotland was a discovery I made on one of many business trips and we started to take holidays there. On one such break, I stayed in the Scottish Borders and never forgot what a wonderful place it was.Back in 2005 I left the rat race and launched Frock Stock and Barrel Clay Pigeon Shooting School in Essex and Kent and I didn’t look back.

Then in 2009 my whole world came to an abrupt end….this awful event would make or break me, but I carried on, head down, took on a second job just to keep my mind busy and ploughed on.If you had told me then to look ahead and in 2016 I’d be moving to the Scottish Borders, have my own shooting school, would be teaching & running training courses, running guided deer stalks, teaching clay & game shooting, loading on the grouse moors and being a part-time gamekeeper, own and train a Gundog, and be married to an amazing Scotsman, I would of course have laughed uproariously!!But it’s true!! I am in this idyllic place unlike any other, the amazing man opened my eyes and together we are now in this stunning, unspoilt part of the world, working together.The people, the history and the rural way of life here never fails to amaze me and every day is a school day, I learn more and more about where I live, the countryside and the lives and family histories here.When I have the time, I love to take my shotgun or rifle and my dog to one of my hides and shoot pigeons or roe deer. Sometimes I just watch the wildlife go by, it’s not all about killing, it’s understanding and having a real appreciation for nature the life that has given itself so that we can eat more healthily than I’ve ever done before. I butcher and prepare everything I shoot for the pot. How many people can say they know where their dinner has actually come from or how it’s processed? How many people can be proud of what’s on their plate having stalked, shot, butchered and dressed it, then cooked and served it to their family? That is the best feeling when family and friends say how delicious it is!
My Working Dog
I have a fox red labrador who is now 21 months old and I am learning to train her to pick up on game and track deer for recovery. We are both on a learning curve, as I’ve never trained a dog before.But, two of us, sitting in a hide watching the roe deer, learning their habits and watching the hares play, the pheasants go up to roost and badgers bumble by, I even watched an otter at play in the Burn recently! 
I get real joy from watching the expression on my dogs face when she sees something she’s never seen before!If I never went back to London, I would not care and I am truly thankful every day.Tracy Ferguson 
Senior Coach and Shooting School Manager
Roxburghe Shooting School of ExcellenceAt the:Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course
Heiton by Kelso
TD5 8JZ‪07798 884643‬‪www.roxburgheshootingschool.co.uk‬‪facebook.com/roxburgheshootingschool‬

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  • this lady is the reason i love this sport – so safe and passionate – she taught me gun but i fell in love with the ground crew !

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