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About Understanding The Nutritional Needs Of Working Dogs

Join us for an incredible masterclass this month where Niamh will be giving an overview of the basic requirements for good nutrition in a working dog, from puppyhood right through the pregnancy and on to the senior years. She will also cover some nutritional issues that can appear in working dogs, and advice on how to resolve these. 

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A Super Masterclass

A super Masterclass, a lot of great information to take in and think about to make sure your working dog gets the right balance of nutrients. Thanks as always a brilliant Masterclass.

Nadine A

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

Niamh McElhinney is a nutrition advisor for Connolly’s Red Mills. Based in the countryside of Kilkenny in Ireland, Red Mills are a family business who have been producing superior animal feeds since 1908, and now export to over 70 countries across the globe. The Connolly family have a personal passion for working dogs, and COO Bill regularly competes at home and in the UK with his champion Red Setters.
Find our working dog products at www.redmillsstore.co.uk/lwdg

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