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By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Using Scentwork Skills With Working Dogs

Masterclass Available From 2nd September

This Masterclass is going to give an introduction to Scentwork and covers how you can involve Scentwork Skills into your training by searching for and retrieving a scented article. 

Dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors compared to our 6 million, they can smell 100,000 times better than us and their sense of smell is so sensitive that they can detect half a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic sized swimming pool. 

Given the dog’s ability to smell, Scentwork is a really great way of harnessing the dog’s nose into constructive “work” that is fun for both you and the dog, it is suitable for all ages and sizes of dogs and you don’t need much equipment in order to have great fun with your dog. 

Scentwork is a great activity for rainy days or when your dog is on limited rest or outside of the shooting season. Scentwork encourages your dog to use their nose, which is great mental stimulation, and channels their natural behaviour in an appropriate way.

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What you will need to get started Why is Scentwork important for dogs

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How to use play to introduce the dog to the scent How to encourage your dog to collect and retrieve the toy

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How to build hunting for the toy How to make the hides more difficult

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An overview of all the steps to get your dog hunting for and retrieving the toy

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

Emily runs Scurries Dog Training, based in Stokenchurch Buckinghamshire. www.scurries.co.uk Prior to becoming a full-time dog trainer, Emily owned a busy Doggy Day Care which gave her invaluable experience of working with different breeds of dogs, learning all about their body language, and how to effectively train and communicate with dogs. Emily gained full accreditation with the Professional Association of Canine Trainers in 2018, following this she went on to gain full accreditation on dummies with the Gundog Trainers Academy in 2020 as well as gaining her Bronze Instructor title with UK Sniffer dogs. Emily is passionate about educating dog owners, with a focus on gundog breeds who live as both pets and working dogs. Scurries offer puppy and obedience classes, gundog classes, and scentwork classes as well as 121 support. Emily currently owns a Staffordshire bull terrier Skye, who thinks she is a Spaniel, Louie the working cocker who is a great rough shooting and farm shoot companion, and Evie the Springer who is currently 14 weeks old and in training to be a Gundog. 

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