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By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Your Dogs Welfare During Times Of Isolation FREE BONUS MASTERCLASS

At the beginning of 2020, it was flooding, and now its a pandemic. But it could be a sprained ankle or some other event that makes it difficult at times for us to take our dogs outdoors. 

Our amazing Featured Expert Claire Denyer has created this wonderful masterclass to help guide us through how we can look after our dogs when we don’t have our normal level of access to the outdoors! 

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In this short video Claire introduces the masterclass and discusses possibleimpact on puppies and older dogs. 

Claire covers what you can do indoors to give your dog structure and stimuoation.This video is followed by 4 shorter bonus videos to help you. 

About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

Claire Denyer is part of Family Dogs Services, a dog training business specialising in Pet Gundog training run by married couple Claire & John Denyer, based in Maidstone, Kent.Claire is passionate about pet gundog training and educating owners on age-appropriate training and training gundogs without harsh handling. Claire specialises in working with reluctant retrievers regardless of the problem. https://www.familydogservices.co.uk/

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