With Guest Photographer Christina Power

How many times have you been photographing your dog, only to end up with bums and blurs. 

Here are 10 quick tips to help you:

Ten Great Tips

1) Get to know the dogs personality before you start.

What gets their attention, will they rest if you’re still? Think about their daily behaviours and use them to help you. 

2) Have treats on hand and objects to throw or get the dogs attention.

Take their favourite toy, or if they like variation, take a new toy.  How can you get them to look in the direction you want?

3) Shoot photos from your dogs level.

Being above the dog makes it harder to get a great shot. Use a garden pad to get down to their level. 

4) Focus on the eyes to create emotional dog photography

Make sure your camera focuses on their eyes to get them sharp in the images. 

5) Backgrounds,fields, flowers, grassy areas, woods, create a classic portrait

These kinds of background look uncluttered and have similar tones that allow your dog to stand out. 

6) Capture owner/pet relationship

Ask a friend to come with you, or set your camera up to take a shot automatically after a time period, or by using a cheap remote clicker from a distance. You can read more about them here


7)Think About Lighting, Use The 'Golden Hour' Lighting

In photography, the golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset. Use this light to take amazing shots of your dog. 

8) Blur the background

Most digital photo software will now allow you to gently blur the background, making the eye focus on your dog. 

9)Minimise Movement

If you don’t want an action shot, make sure your dog is still before taking your photo. 

10) Take time to just sit back and watch the actions of the dog, when the movement is right you will see it and then click!

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