5k Regional Walks For Spaniel Aid – 15th March 2020

Join the fun on March 15th 2020 as we take part in Charity 5k Regional Walks around the country to celebrate our first year of membership.

Simply make your £10 donation below direct to Spaniel Aid, and then complete the enquiry form at the end of this post to receive further details for your region and details of your nearest walk.

If you cannot reach your nearest walk,  or join us on that date,  you can still take part by completing an honesty 5k walk at home. Or if you cannot walk that far, or would like to simply donate, you can do this here too: 

Raising money for Spaniel Aid

Please give a £10 donation to take part.

All proceeds are to be given direct to Spaniel Aid through Just Giving Link. Please remember to tick if you are a taxpayer. 

Our target is a £1000, if 100 of us take part we will reach that effortlessly! 

Share Your Pics!

Upload your pics to social media with the hashtag #lwdg5k and we will share them in our stories:

Who Are Spaniel Aid

We are a team of spaniel owners and lovers, we take spaniels and place in foster throughout the UK. We advise owners of the dangers of advertising dogs on free sites. Spaniel Aid is involved with helping cruelty cases and neglect. “we can’t change their past, but we CAN change their future”

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