Are you and your dog ready for fireworks on Bonfire Night? For a lot of dogs fireworks can cause a range of different worrying behaviours that we may not even be aware of.

Watch our Featured Experts as they discuss what you can do to ensure your dog is safe and happy around fireworks.

Because fireworks can be so difficult for some dogs to cope with our video covers what you can do from puppy to help prevent a problem occurring, through to what to do if the dog is already upset when hearing the sounds or watching the light created. 

During this 30 minute episode we discuss:

1. Signs of concern that your dog could be struggling

2: Why dogs react to fireworks 

3. Being proactive and getting your dog used to fireworks

4. What we can do to help our dogs

5. Creating non events for dogs who are scared

Our featured expert panel includes Emma Stevens of Cunningshot Dog Training, Clare Denyer of Family Dog Services, Abbie Reid of Riverlily Working Dogs, Jay Elcock- Gundog Trainer,  and Jemma Martin of JM Country Crafts. 

This video is available to everyone. You do not need to login to watch , simply click on the video above. Please use the chapter menu on the video to access different sections as outlined. 

Show Notes – Your Dog And Fireworks Video

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